For all enquiries: Martinamartian@gmail.com

Martina is currently location independent and available for global opportunities.

Martina Martian is a global artist sought out for her bold use of colour, illustrated personal quotes and viral GIFs on Instagram.

In 2018 she hosted multiple sold out workshops in NYC and other cities, as well as speaking at the Vertice Design Festival in Guatemala.

Having gone viral for her original creation of the GIF challenge, Martina's illustrations and designs have also gained her regular collaborations with Instagram, Snapchat and Adobe for their themes of empowerment and positive thinking.

Her GIFs and stickers have also been popular with celebrities such as Ariana Grande and Kendall Jenner.

Select clients include Instagram, Adobe Snapchat, Reebok Classic, Nike Sportswear, ASOS, and Giphy.