For all project enquiries and press, please contact: martinamartian@gmail.com

How did you get into photography/design?
I've been a professional creative since I was 19, initially illustrating and creating GIFs for Snapchat and Giphy from Australia and photographing friends on the side.
As my digital illustrations gained popularity, I began travelling the world alone full time and creating augmented reality, illustrations and installations for Nike, adidas and Adobe.
In 2020 I settled in London, where I picked up the camera again to document my new life and the interesting characters I crossed paths with.
I fell in love with being able to connect with people through the camera, and combined my years of design experience to create the multidisciplinary art you see here now. 

Why Martian?
 Martian is an alias I have been using since the beginning of my creative career. I've always felt that life and the people here on this planet are fascinating and interesting- I just feel like an alien visitor lucky enough to capture it all. 


Martina Martian is a multidisciplinary designer and photographer in London, recognised for her bold use of colour and nostalgic style.

She has gained popularity for her viral illustrations, artworks and photography content as well as her collaborations and partnerships with global brands such as adidas, Nike, Adobe, Instagram, Snapchat and more.

She inspires a dedicated following of over 150,000 on Instagram and TikTok through sharing her artworks, photographs and journey as a creative professional.