Blossom Values

White "Stay Strong" 

When things just aren’t going your way, this pendant represents your perseverance and endurance. No matter what life throws at you, the white ‘Stay Strong’ blossom is a symbol of endless hope and strength. 

Blue "Have Courage" 

Symbolic of faith and confidence, this blue pendant is ideal for when your fears are subduing your spirit. With an inspirational message to ‘Have Courage’, this blossom encourages you to disregard your worries and continue to thrive.

Pink "Never Settle" 

Ideal for when you forget your potential, this pendant is designed to reignite your spark. With an intricate pink filling, ‘Never Settle’ is a reminder of the success you deserve; whether it be material, emotional, physical or spiritual.

Purple "Just Breathe" 

To be worn during days when you feel lost or overwhelmed, the violet ‘Just Breathe’ pendant serves as a soothing symbol of serenity. This blossom embodies spiritual and emotional peace; encouraging you to keep a level-head (or ‘remain calm’) when life gets overwhelming.

Red "Dream Big" 

Symbolic of energy and adventure, ‘Dream Big’ is a motivational reminder that no goal is too far out of reach. This fiery blossom is intended for days when you want to defeat the barriers of realism and feed your untethered spirit.

Yellow "You've Got This" 

Suited for days when you need that extra affirmation, this yellow blossom symbolises self-belief and confidence. This pendant intends to reduce mental dissonances associated with your decisions and prospects by reminding you that ‘You’ve Got This’.